Thursday, May 27, 2010

Class of 2010

It's official! He is now a High School graduate.
We were lucky and got the 9:00a.m. ceremony at the Marriot Center...
Ry sang with the choir so is in his choir t-shirt...Grace wanted to be checked into school after so she's in her uniform...just wanted to make sure everyone understands that we aren't completely manner-less..I DO understand that these occasions call for nice-dress....however, there were a number of Lehi-Rodeo-People who actually wore Wranglers and enormous belt buckles to the event. We also had lovely people behind us whe DID NOT TURN OFF OR SILENCE THEIR CELL PHONES and proceeded to answer them approximately every 2.6 minutes. Seriously!?
I'm proud of him. There was a brief time when we weren't sure this day would happen. He pulled himself together and wound up having a fantastic High School experience; complete with good grades, singing and dancing, making good friends, being involved, rocking the ACT Test, and getting a scholarship to the college he wants to attend.
Did I mention that I'm proud of him?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We had the BEST time on Friday night...we went to see Ty perform at the high school. The show choir is called "Encore" and he has been a part of it all year. (Jillian was in it her senior year too!) We keep commenting on how lucky he is to be involved...especially since the show "Glee" is one of the most popular t.v. shows!?
The entire concert was just the show choir doing number after number...most of which they had arranged and choreographed themselves. It was a blast. Ty MC'd, and had a solo in the song from Rent called "Seasons of Love". Suddenly as he was singing that song, it occurred to me that he is days away from graduating, and leaving me. He's been mine for roughly 9,460,800 minutes. We're entering a new season. Tears started streaming down my face, and it was all I could do to keep from inelegantly wailing in the middle of the auditorium. I've been so proud of him this year. He has done his best, gotten good grades, been reliable and responsible, been involved in so many good things. It's been a great year.
This last picture is 2009-10's Encore group...singing with 2010-11's Encore group. I know it's blurry, but yes, those are MY BOYS right next to each other in the middle singing their little Bass hearts out. Ry is the blurry dark curly one standing up, Ty is sitting down....
Ryan is going to have such a fun year next year!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

12 years

Friday, May 14, 2010

One to go!

With about 12 hours to spare before the deadline, Ty had his Board of Review and earned his Eagle Scout Award!
Years and years of Scout camps, pushing and pulling him to PowWow's at BYU, one unbelievably time-consuming Project (we gathered, bar-coded, labeled, and entered 8000 books into the computer at our Charter School), 2 years of ignoring that the deadline was approaching, one month of frantically trying to gather reference letters and interviews (thanks Brother Cox!), and squeaking in the Board of Review just before time nearly ran out.
At least now we know what to expect. Ryan has everything done but getting a merit badge signed off. I already wrote HIS parent recommendation letter, and dated it May 30, 2010. I told him he had until then to follow through, and that I'm NOT re-typing it with a new date. It's by then or never :) Stay tuned to see if he gets it done....

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tyler has been enmeshed in play practices and performances for weeks now...only 2 more performance left! Our po-dunk little High School has one of the BEST theatre/choir departments I've ever seen. This production is seriously akin to something you'd see at the Capitol Theatre. Seriously. There are only 2 nights left if you want to see it!
Ty has had such fun being a part of it. He's a "Muzzy Boy" and is in all of the ensemble scenes as well as a prominent part in the Muzzy-Boy song. Here is his bio from the program...

"This is Tyler's second play at Lehi High. He would like to thank Dallin, Landon, Kenzie, Mom and Ms. Nudd for all their guidance and support. Keep the music alive!"