Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest Blogger: Grace

 Hi!This is Grace:)I am a guest blogger today!A couple days ago we went park hopping!We went to 4 parks in one day!These are a few pictures of me,Jillian,my 3 best friends,Carsyn,Brynlie,and Sam!In the first picture,Brynlie is the one with the glasses and Sam is the one without the glasses.
 This is Carsyn.She is Sam's best friend.
 This is me and Carsyn.We took turns sitting in the front seat.
Snickers is so funny!She LOVES sticking her head out of the window!The wind pulls her hair out of her face so it always looks so funny!               Thank you for reading my post!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Quotes

"Teaching Snickers to READ is HARD. " - Grace
"I think that Snickers was barking at the Albino Cat." -Grace
"I don't care about Jill...I just want Snickers to come!" - Grace
"Snick has a brown piece of fur on her head...maybe she snuck out and got a highlight!" - Grace
" I'm cheap." - Jillian
"Can I put an exercise sticker on the chart for throwing up?" - Grace
"I hope that my car doesn't smell like smoke." - Ryan
"My armpit is like a waterfall." - Grace
"You smell like rootbeer." - Kara to Grace
" Spit on the fridge again! That was funny!" - Grace to Ryan
"Ewww...that looks like baby barf." - Jillian
"Hold on. I'm changing my mood." - Grace
 "Ryan got a WHAT on the ACT???" - Kara (We're pretty happy with it. We'll just say that:)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Going to the Cabin

 My posts have been sparse this month. A lot going on, but I just haven't had health- to come up with witty blog posts. So here are a few things we've been up to...boringly written :) Andrew, Ryan, Grace, Jillian, and I went to the cabin for a weekend.
 Weather was perfect. Fire was perfect. S'mores were delicious.
 Snickers got filthy.
 For some reason Ry and Grace needed to stand on the picnic table...maybe to get away from the smoke? Ryan IS it follows him. And of course, Grace is breathtakingly it follows her too.
 We had fun murdering the marshmallows we didn't want to eat.
Everyone settling in to go go bed. I'm grateful to my dad for leaving us this place to gather as a family.

Lazy Days of Summer

 Snickers and Grace LOVE to go to the park...we throw Snick's rope, and a shoe for Grace, and they have races to see who can bring it back the fastest. I'm not kidding.

 Snickers LOVES to go in the car. It's super sad any more if we have to go somewhere that she can't go...she sits at the door and whines. Apparently, this whole year, while the rest of us are at work/school, Jillian has been taking her everywhere. She thinks she's a person. And did you know that the bank offers not only suckers for good little children, but DOG TREATS for your pooch? It's true.
 Happy, tired, dog.
Happy, tired, Gracie.

Cabin Work Party

 We had our annual "cabin-work-party" a couple of weeks ago...My uncle and any of his kids that can come, and any of my siblings and/or their kids that can come, spend a day cleaning, fixing, chopping wood, hanging out. It's a good time. This year we were rebuilding a balcony. The water was higher than we've ever seen it too! This is Grace getting out of work by holding baby Finnley... brother hates having his picture taken. He didn't know I captured this one!
 My fabulous nieces and nephew...
And me getting out of work by holding baby Finnley...good times!

Royal Wedding

We had a blast getting up at 3am to watch the royal wedding...we even wore hats, but those pictures turned out very...ummm...badly. So. Good memories though!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day of 3rd Grade!

 I picked Grace up from school today. Her LAST day as a 3rd grader! We got pedicures, went to see Kung Fu Panda, went to Barnes & Noble, then went to the MALL to purchase clothes for the summer that are NOT uniforms!

She changed her clothes in the car on the way more charter-school uniforms for 3 whole months!