Monday, November 30, 2009

6 days from today... baby will be baptized. The last one. And to make things even more interesting, it will occur on her ACTUAL 8th birthday. I've spent the last couple of days being very bugged at the bureaucracy of the church and basically "things I cannot control" in relation to her baptism. I want to make things just how I want them, and am not being allowed to do it.

It was brought to my attention, however, that it really isn't about creating a production. It's only about the ordinance. Very simple. And we all know that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass."

My Amazing Grace will have an amazing I hope she will remember for the love and support of family and the knowledge that she's taken that first small and simple step....that will pave the way for great things in her life.

But darned if I'm still not going to try to organize the heck out of the day and do my best to facilitate the greatness. I can't help it :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Singing & Dancing...

Tyler has spent the last month deep into "Aida" practices. They've been performing it the past week. Tonight is the last night, thank goodness! I feel like I haven't seen or had a really good conversation with him for a long time 'cause he's been gone and busy...
This is him trying to be all Egyptian and surly...
This is the real boy :)
It's been such a great experience for him and he has loved it! I'm so proud of him for sticking with it and choosing to have fun. (for those of you who haven't heard the story: his choir teacher last year informed him at the end of the year that he WAS taking the musical theatre class..she had already signed him up for it, didn't make him try out, and begged him to stay in it because they needed his voice...)
We've had tons of fun calling him "Adam Lambert" due to the heavy black eye-liner. I must say I never thought I'd be sharing make-up tips and product with my 17 year old son...but he's been a good sport about it!
In a shameless plug I'm going to publish his "blurb" from the program:
"This is Tyler's first time acting, but is a second bass and a Jedi-Master in the vocal arts. Thanks to friends and family, Gwen and Ms. Nudd. Also thanks to his wonderful mother for eternal love and support."


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Sweet Boy

My boy is 16 today. He is a gift. I love him more every day.

He is hard-working, intelligent, kind, loving, and thoughtful. I cannot wait to sit back and watch what he does with his life! Happy Birthday son!
Here is the letter Grace wrote him for his birthday:

"Dear Ryan, thank you for helping me with my homework. And for hanging out with me. And you are the awesomest, coolest, and most honest most sweetest loving brother in the whole white world!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!
Love Grace

(She made sure to put 16 exclamation points :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look Who's Talking

I love her dearly. I do. But she's making me so tired. She never stops talking.
"I had this dream...there was an egg, and it had HUGE buggy eyes...and it couldn't talk, but it just looked at me..and then it fell down and it couldn't get up and then, it was weird, 'cause it walked around and went over to a wall and then it started chasing me and then...."

This was 20 minutes of my life last night:
"First, we came in and sat down. Then we sang the song...I think we sang it three times. No probably 4 times. Then we went into the kitchen and sat down and then we wrote letters to someone. Most girls wrote them to Sister Tucker do you know why? 'Cause they're MOVING. Did you know that I didn't but I wrote this for you instead. Then we made these wands and we're supposed to do something nice and leave it. Then I walked home with Ashley. Did you know her mom will only eat in restaurants that have hot chocolate? She said she was hungry and asked me what we're having for dinner and said "cafe" and she asked what that was. And I said "Cafe Rio it's mexican food" and she had NEVER HAD THAT before! And she said that her mom would only eat at restaurants that had hot you see this on my arm? I pinched my arm in the swing at recess today. Marin and I ran and got the swings first and then I...."

I realize that I'm lucky she.talks to me. I love her so much. But she has to give details of EVERY MINUTE of her life. I'm still trying super hard to maintain eye contact and actually LISTEN when she talks...but I'm old and extremely busy and I don't know how much longer I can keep it up :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Snickers Part II

I can't summon up the energy to blog about all of the busyness/chaos going on around here daily...but Andrew managed to catch the dog being still long enough for a couple of pictures...
This pic was taken on Halloween after her bath. She's still slightly damp. But adorable, yes? She's doing much better about potty-ing outside. She has lost most of her baby teeth, and new ones are in. She's as needy as a toddler and must be on or near a lap as much as possible. The teenagers have learned the hard way that all snacks must be out of reach or the canine will devour them the minute an unwary back is turned. In the past 2 days she's indulged in a chicken sandwich, a bacon sandwich AND a pepperoni pizza! It's a good thing that she didn't get sick and/or require another trip to the vet.... (and if you're going to comment on the unhealthy eats, remember that TWO teenage boys live in this house!?)
All in all we're pretty pleased with our newest family member.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tricks and Treats

My beautiful brown eyed kitty cat...

Trick-or-treating with best friends...
Our beloved Kaydee/Minnie Mouse came to visit! Yet another Halloween crossed off...4 more to go until the baby will STOP dressing up and trick-or-treating!