Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Quotes

Andrew: "I wish I could scratch my ear with my leg like that."

Grace: "...or never coming out of your igloo..." (??? I have no idea in what context this was said)

Andrew: "NO. They're cookie CRUMBLES."


Jill: "The break room smells like cup-0-noodles and feet."

Tyler: "There's a girl in toys that has a crush on me."

Grace: "Graceland...real land, real food!"

Grace: "Let's poak him until he freeks out because of the germs." (written on a sacrament meeting program)

Grace: "I need to feed my Puffles."

Ryan: "My head feels all minty!"

Ryan: "Can I take my car over to show Elizabeth?" ( you're wondering...more on that to come ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Much To Blog About

Finished this book tonight. Started it yesterday morning around 4AM when I couldn't sleep due to the unrelenting heat. I was super resentful that I had to go to work today when I really just wanted to read...while actually super grateful that I have an air-conditioned office to hang out in all day. Talk about conflicted :) For tonight's heat-induced insomnia I have the sequel "Catching Fire" waiting for me....The baby is still spending WAY too much time dorking around with my camera....
Jillian and I are deep into watching the "Supernatural" tv series on DVD...we started Netflix-ing it at the beginning of the summer. One disc at a time. This quickly became an unacceptable means of obtaining it. At the end of season 2 I'd had enough of waiting days for the next one to arrive in the mail. Bought 3 and 4. We're now happily sneaking in episodes whenever we can. Which basically means anytime neither one of us is working, and Grace is asleep or otherwise distracted. The unexpected windfall of watching it in my oldest brothers THEATRE ROOM while Jill has been house/horse sitting for him has added an extra layer of terror/fun....

Everyone is just busy working. I don't cook in the summer if I can help it. It's a weird place to be now where we all just rotate around each other coming and going in the house...its rare that all 6 of us are in the same place at the same time.
We're looking forward to a Lake Powell trip in a couple of weeks. And just 4 weeks away to losing Tyler to Dixie....