Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Quotes

"Ne-yo reminds me of the color green." - Grace

"I was born for interpretive dancing." - Grace

"Clearly, my mother is Jewish." - Ryan

"Let me see your butt...yep, your pants are on fire." -Kara to Ryan

"This is a call from Lehi High School...Ryan...was absent...in xxxx period (s) today." -automated phone call received almost daily at 6pm at the Ditty house.

"I did not expect a banana to come out of my backpack." - Grace

"I hate Lady Gaga." - Grace

"I'm boy trapped. Again. All I hear all day is burping." - Grace

"Did you say cold cuts?" - Jillian to Grace

"Someone's butt just called dad." - Kara

"A cow walked into my classroom today." - Grace

Dance Recital

Gracie has been taking a hip-hop dance class all year. Saturday was the end of the year recital. It was super fun!
Two dances, two costumes, and our traditional flowers for the performer!

Prom, concerts, and a missing camera

I've been waiting to blog until I get my camera back...it has pictures of our Royal Wedding Party on it. I accidentally left the camera in Farmington, and haven't had a chance to get it yet.
So I guess we'll move on....to prom!
Ry went to Prom a couple of weeks ago. He didn't really want to go...money etc. His stipulation was that if there was a Senior girl that he didn't totally hate, who wasn't going to get asked, or didn't get asked, he would ask her and go. And there was such a girl. And he asked her. And they went. They had a ball.
THEN we got to go to the last show choir concert of the year. It was a whole "cabaret" themed deal. Fun songs, fun dancing. They also sang the song that won them 1st place in California last month.
The boy tried out for both Encore Show Choir, and Musical Theatre for next year...and made both. It's going to be a fun, busy year for him!