Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Stuff

 Ryan went to the Festival of Colors with Paige. I adore her. He's alright too.
 The girls and I went to Thanksgiving Point gardens for the Tulip Festival.
 We also went to the farm where Grace rode a horse...
....and the girls fed goats and a llama.
 Ryan went to his Senior Prom.
 Jillian cut 5 inches off of her hair.
Grace had a dance recital.

Ryan's final Encore Show Choir concert where he sang a duet among other fun songs.
It's been a busy month...more to come with Seminary and high school graduations...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Spring Break Post. I Promise.

 I'm kind of tired of this drawn-out boring play-by-play of our here's the last of it: Went to Hershey, Pennsylvania and toured Chocolate World!

 Climbed the tower to see Antietam Battlefield...
 Drove for HOURS getting lost trying to find the mall in Tyson's Corner where this American Girl Store lived...

Went to the Washington D.C. Temple...let the sister missionaries practice their stuff on us, and watched a new movie that made us cry...
 Got on the airplane to come back home!
Grace's picture from the airplane window. It was a super fun trip!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Break Day 3

 Mount Vernon, Virginia
Tomb of George and Martha Washington
 Mount Vernon
 One of the cool buildings on the plantation
 Fat sheep
 Jillian and Grace freaking out on the looonnngg drive from Virginia to Pennsylvania
 Um...I think this is a bridge near York, Pennsylvania?
 Andrew finally found his beloved Dunkin' Donuts
 More of Grace freaking out on the drive...
 Lancashire County, Pennsylvania