Monday, October 1, 2012

Guest Blogger: Neptune's Park with Ry!!!!!

Hi! This is Grace!:) Today, I went to Neptune's Park with Ry, in Saratoga Springs. Trust me, it is the FUNNEST park you'll EVER go to in your life! It has a 30 foot climbing pyramid, swings, spinny stuff, and a lot of kiddie things.:) The pyramid is one of three in the world!

 It was REALLY high! I climbed to the top, and felt like I was touching the top of the world!:) In the picture below, I was being Columbus, and if you look closely, you'll see my knuckles are red, because I was clutching the ropes.:)
 Me and Ry being silly.:)
 The climbing pyramid!:) It was hard to walk, because you didn't want to have your leg slip through the hole, and plummet to the earth!:) When we got the bottom, we timed each other to the middle, which is what this picture is, and Ry got 21.6 seconds, and I got 17.00 seconds. And the awesome part, was that I've only been on it twice, and he's been on it so many times, he doesn't even know how many!:)
 I absolutely love the climbing pyramid!:) It is the PERFECT place to go to family night! Thank you for reading my guest blog!:)I love you Ryan for taking me out to fro-yo after this, and taking me here! I love you!:)