Saturday, February 26, 2011

Field Trip Friday

When Ry was little, and the other two kids were in school, I instituted "Field Trip Friday". It gave us both something to look forward to every week. Sometimes we would meet Andrew for lunch, and then go shopping, or to a museum, or park hopping, or the library. His favorite place to go was "Map World" inside of the Utah-Idaho Supply store.
Last Friday, Grace had the day off from school, and it wasn't my Friday to work. I sprang Ry from school too, and we spent the day together. It was the best day ever!
We started off with dentist appointments. Both kids had clean bills of teeth-health. Then we went to Paradise Bakery for lunch, followed by a trip to the BYU Art Museum to see the Karl Bloch exhibit. It was amazing.
The next stop seems silly....but then we went to WinCo. Ry had never been there to view the abundant buy-in-bulk part of the store. Who needs 95 different kinds of granola? Ranch flavored corn nuts for $.71? Dark Chocolate covered cranberries? Spices, nuts, beans by the bag-full!? WE DO!
Then I had free coupons for Golden Spoon we drove up the street to the only one in Utah County and each got a bowl of yogurt. For Free. (Actually we felt kind of bad, so Ry put a dollar in the guys tip jar.) As we walked out, Gracie said with a giggle "Look! The spoon is actually gold!" Hahahahaha....
Day spent with 2 of my favorite people. Life is good ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Ryan went to the girl's choice "Sweethearts" Dance....she asked him by decorating his room with hidden dinosaurs.
(She works at the movie theater too...he has two friends named we call her "Dino Paige" cause she works at the dinosaur museum as well. Another side note: rumors were flying that another girl was planning on asking him to the dance. I got a call from Dino Paige on a Wednesday night...."Sister Ditty! This is Dino Paige....has Ryan been asked to Sweethearts yet???" I said no. "(Relief in her voice) Ok. Can I come in a half hour to decorate his room? I need to ask him TONIGHT!" Turns out the other girl was planning on asking him the next night....she waited too long!! Hee.)
He answered by going into her math class with the show choir and serenading her with his answer. They had a great time...everyone in the group were already friends. They did fondue for dinner; which I think is a great idea! No awkward sitting there watching each other chew...there is something to be actively doing during the meal. Anyway. He had a blast.
Gracie and her BFF, Brynlie, making Valentine cookies.
And that is our February So Far. I'm still trying to climb out of the winter funk in which I've been mired.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Happy To My Ty

It's My Tyler's 19th birthday today. This will be a hallmark day...the first (of many I'll guess) birthday that I will not actually BE with one of my offspring on the anniversary of their birth.
He couldn't come home...something about classes and work. Sheesh. Way to be a responsible grown-up, my boy.
We couldn't go down there....something about him being too busy with classes and work...and the price of gas for us. Way to be good money-managing role models, parents!?

Anyway. We sent him a package and cards. I called him at 8:07 this morning...the exact moment he drew his first breath. I'd warned him so he didn't screen my call :)

Our house just isn't the same without him in it. He possesses a quick, rapier sharp wit. He sees the world out of completely different eyes than I do. He makes me laugh (unexpected, coke spewing out of the nose laughter) like no one else can. He has taught me everything I know about unconditional.....well, everything.

The day of his birth was a joyous one. He was very much wanted.

I love you My Ty. I'm proud of the man you're in the process of becoming. Know that your face is missed today!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nuthin' To Blog About

We've got the January/February blahs. Work. School. Church.
Rinse and Repeat.