Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Crazy Quotes

"I just sneezed on my clean arm." - Grace
"My toes hurt." - Grace
"I hate it when you have a bad-toe-day." - Tyler
"Sometimes I snore so hard my uvula gets swollen." - Tyler

"I have rabies. Or lockjaw." - Jillian
"Think how many pairs of shoes you could buy with that!" - Tanner
"Nice. Walk into a room, and the first thing I hear is 'mouse blood'"- Grace
"Were you robbed!?" - Mom to Ryan
"GPS = Liahona" - Jillian
"Our life just became a MormonAd." - Ryan
"We should put it's head on a toothpick and stick in the garden. As a warning to the other mice." - Ryan
"Worlds are colliding." - Tyler
"That piece of lettuce looks a camel." - Grace " -
"My boobs are glowing!" - Jillian
"She looks like a scoop of sherbet." - Kara
"Really mom? A unicorn pooping rainbows!?" - Grace

Ah. There were SO many more. I need to start carrying around a notebook with me so we can jot them down when they happen...I love our family!