Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

I am so retarded. I thought I uploaded these pictures in the order that I took them...but no. The exact opposite.
Anyway. 1st Grade, 9th Grade and 11th Grade! Whoo hoo :) And no, I'm not favoring Grace by her having more pictures...the boys won't LET me go to school with THEM and take pictures of them sitting in their desks, on the bus, eating lunch. Sheesh. What killjoys.


Lilian said...

They all look great! Our first day of school is next Monday! Woohoo!

Margie said...

What a cute family you have. I am finally trying to catch up after a very busy summer, and I have enjoyed reading about your family. I can't believe how fast the years go by. I can so relate to the first day picture taking. I always want to document every step of the day...much to my children's dismay.

GrumpyAngel said...

Grace has an adorable smile! So pretty. The boys look good, too. I was going to say "adorable" but I bet they'd cringe at that. Teen-agers!!!! You're lucky they let you take a "first day of school" picture. My 10th grader absolutely refuses to stand and smile for the camera so I can take "first day of school" photo. Your guys are a pretty good sport compared to mine when it comes to picture taking even if they don't let you go to their school with them :-)