Sunday, October 12, 2008

Miracle of Joy

It snowed last night. Grace was thrilled as only a 6 yr old can be about white moisture. As we were getting out of the car at church at 9:00 this morning, she had her little face raised, tongue out to catch the little white flakes. Her face was filled with bliss. She turned to me and said, " I know another reason why the day I was born was a miracle of joy!"
"Why?" I asked, most of my attention on getting my briefcase and posters out of the van.
"Because it snowed that day!"
Oh. Ok. I did stop for a second and look at her beautiful little face. Cheeks rosy with the cold, damp eyelashes framing those twinkling chocolate brown eyes, curly little ringlets spiraling around her head. She is constantly reminding me of the simple joys in life. I'm glad that she knows how loved she is, and that she is a "miracle of joy."


Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

This is a beautiful post, Karalee. I could feel the joy you have in your daughter through your words. I can't wait to meet Grace in person and say Hi to her one of these days.

Lilian said...

Russell was just as excited as Grace to see the snow yesterday! He sent me a text letting me know how happy he was to see it! He hasn't seen snow in over 2.5 years!

I love your story about what Grace said. She is so amazing!

jillian said...

I love her so much. :)

frontporchfriend said...

it's Flat Stanley arrived today and we will get busy touring him around our town. When I told Cassidy one of our main attractions was the 'falls' I said, "I hope he doesn't fall in during the photograph!' She laughed, but warned me not to drop him. Don't worry...I won't!