Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear Grace...

This was in the mailbox today for Grace!
A letter and a CD made especially for her from her big sister.
She was so excited. Bless sweet Jillian! Grace loves getting mail from her! Two nights ago after I tucked Grace in bed I heard tiny little sniffs coming from her room. I went in and she burst into sobs "I miss Jillian!"
So I pulled out the cell phone and we called. Jill quickly sized up what was going on and chatted away frantically in a one-way conversation for about 3 minutes until Grace stopped crying and could speak. She finally managed a couple of "uh huh's" and "ok's" and they hung up.
Thanks Jill for sending the mail! The small one is feeling loved and taken care of today:)


Lilian said...

Grace is a lucky little girl to have such a thoughtful big sister. Way to go Jillian!

Bea said...

What a precious "big" sister. and a loving Mom to know what to do.
Cell phones do have their uses. :o)

The Red Hen said...

What a sweet story. Jillian, you are an ANGEL. I'm sure that someday you will make a wonderful mom. Grace is lucky to have you!