Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo and Field Trips

We've been trying to have a field trip to somewhere fun at least once a week now that summer is here. Here is Grace with her best friends at Kangaroo Zoo...a seriously fun place with tons of inflatable things to play on and in.
We're planning on going to the farm, This Is The Place, the real Zoo, Peppermint Place in Alpine (although this isn't as fun anymore now that they don't let you watch the candy making or decorating process!?) ...but does anyone have any fun, cheap places to go or other stuff to do in Utah???


Lilian said...

You could go to the Mrs. Cavanaugh's Factory in NSL? Sounds like you have a great summer planned! I'm thinking about taking my kids to ride the Front Runner one of these days. Just for the sake of riding the train. Not free, but not too expensive either.

Karalee said...

Hey! Those are fantastic ideas...Grace would love it!

Bea said...

A long ride but... Promontory Point is interesting. To see the trains etc. also close by at Thikol there is a display of rockets. If you are interested you may need to check on a website to make sure if and when the trains will be running.
Also, the fountain at the Gateway in Salt Lake is a fun place. they can run through that.

The Red Hen said...

You could take a tour of the Sweets Candy factory in SLC - they give you free candy after the tour. I think you need to call for an appt., but that may be only if you have a large group.

Also you could take TRAX to downtown SLC and eat lunch somewhere - doesn't have to be fancy (Hires Big H on 400 s. and seventh east is my fave). Just riding TRAX to get there will make it seem like an adventure.