Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

Tooth #4 came out last night. The baby now has an enormous hole where her top 2 teeth should be. And for those of you who've witnessed the incredible amount of DRAMA that accompanies each dental extraction; this time it only took about 3 minutes and 1/2 a box of tissues.
Progress has been made.
And yes, we've already begun with the "All I Want For Christmas" yada yada.......


Lilian said...

So sad when the two front teeth are gone. They are cute, but then those gi-normous permanent teeth come in and make their smile quite crooked. And it makes them not be "babies" any more, but more like the big kids. :-(

Front Porch Friend. said...

Eli lost a tooth last week. Then he put it in a glass, and I washed it down the sink, not knowing it was there. His note to the tooth fairy was as follows: "I would like some money or Pokemon cards, but my mom threw out the tooth on accident, so there is no toothe for you, sister!" Hello, Mr. Attitude!