Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look Who's Talking

I love her dearly. I do. But she's making me so tired. She never stops talking.
"I had this dream...there was an egg, and it had HUGE buggy eyes...and it couldn't talk, but it just looked at me..and then it fell down and it couldn't get up and then, it was weird, 'cause it walked around and went over to a wall and then it started chasing me and then...."

This was 20 minutes of my life last night:
"First, we came in and sat down. Then we sang the song...I think we sang it three times. No probably 4 times. Then we went into the kitchen and sat down and then we wrote letters to someone. Most girls wrote them to Sister Tucker do you know why? 'Cause they're MOVING. Did you know that I didn't but I wrote this for you instead. Then we made these wands and we're supposed to do something nice and leave it. Then I walked home with Ashley. Did you know her mom will only eat in restaurants that have hot chocolate? She said she was hungry and asked me what we're having for dinner and said "cafe" and she asked what that was. And I said "Cafe Rio it's mexican food" and she had NEVER HAD THAT before! And she said that her mom would only eat at restaurants that had hot you see this on my arm? I pinched my arm in the swing at recess today. Marin and I ran and got the swings first and then I...."

I realize that I'm lucky she.talks to me. I love her so much. But she has to give details of EVERY MINUTE of her life. I'm still trying super hard to maintain eye contact and actually LISTEN when she talks...but I'm old and extremely busy and I don't know how much longer I can keep it up :)


Front Porch Friend. said...

Well, I guess it's bound to happen. If Eli's gal-pal Evelyn and he don't end up marrying, we can hook him up with Grace and they can talk each other into the grave! I think they were soulmates long before they ever touched our hearts. That could've easily been him, only with boy-like interjections...'when the guy farts on the bus and then theyturn on the radio and my teacher told me to go ahead and take another advanced math test and then at recess we ran laps and I made two points in the basketball game..." yada. yada. yada. I'm always wondering if he has learned the meaning of run-on sentence yet.

paradise said...
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The Red Hen said...

Ohhh Girl!! I totally feel your pain! I have a mini talker in Madeline. Now I have a glimpse of what is to come! LOL

Check out my blog for Madeline's latest talking episode.

Marivic said...

Karalee, my Tara was exactly the same way, prompting my son, her brother to complain, "Girls talk too much". :-) She's 19 now and she is still the same. I affectionately call her motor-mouth Tara :-) I'm sorry the outlook is not so encouraging but you are right: we should just feel lucky they talk to us. Especially when they hit the teen years. Even when they wear us out by all the talking :-)