Saturday, January 23, 2010

Way to "Bee"

Grace participated in the school Spelling Bee...
She made it through the first 4 rounds; then into the Championship Round! She worked her way up to the 4th Grade list. Then out of the blue the announcer began the next round using words such as "paramecium" and "microorganism" and "extraterrestrial". Seriously. The next 12 kids were knocked out in short order. Grace was one of them.
I was proud of her for wanting to be involved. But I'm going on record here: I tried (gently and unobtrusively) to talk her out of it. I've been through Spelling Bee's with the 3 older kids. I hate them. I wind up in knots, not only over my own kids, but over each one as they stand there and spell. It's extra-exquisite torture when it is my own offspring at the microphone, however.
W.A.Y T.O B.E.E G.R.A.C.E!

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Bea said...

I remember enjoying spelling bees when I was in fourth grade. But those were classroom exercises..
Way to go Grace.