Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Quotes

Andrew: "I wish I could scratch my ear with my leg like that."

Grace: "...or never coming out of your igloo..." (??? I have no idea in what context this was said)

Andrew: "NO. They're cookie CRUMBLES."


Jill: "The break room smells like cup-0-noodles and feet."

Tyler: "There's a girl in toys that has a crush on me."

Grace: "Graceland...real land, real food!"

Grace: "Let's poak him until he freeks out because of the germs." (written on a sacrament meeting program)

Grace: "I need to feed my Puffles."

Ryan: "My head feels all minty!"

Ryan: "Can I take my car over to show Elizabeth?" ( you're wondering...more on that to come ;)

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Lilian said...

I assume Andrew was talking about the dog and not one of the kids?LOL!