Monday, August 16, 2010


Tilt your head a bit...for some reason the first picture will NOT upload correctly.
Anyway. The boy came home from Lake Powell to...his car wrapped in saran wrap, painted, with posters stuck on it.
I guess his friends missed him :)
Also, they named his car "Birdie" which we (mostly him) emphatically shun.
In my experience, when you name your car, horrible things happen to it immediately. Wrecks, dings, get the idea.
It is also the opinion of some people in this house that it's only semi-acceptable for girls to name their cars.
I believe that the T-Bird shall remain nameless.

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Lilian said...

It's also harder to let it go. Cory named his first car Henry. To THIS DAY he still talks affectionately about the thing and dreams of buying it back!!!!!!!!!!!