Monday, February 21, 2011


Ryan went to the girl's choice "Sweethearts" Dance....she asked him by decorating his room with hidden dinosaurs.
(She works at the movie theater too...he has two friends named we call her "Dino Paige" cause she works at the dinosaur museum as well. Another side note: rumors were flying that another girl was planning on asking him to the dance. I got a call from Dino Paige on a Wednesday night...."Sister Ditty! This is Dino Paige....has Ryan been asked to Sweethearts yet???" I said no. "(Relief in her voice) Ok. Can I come in a half hour to decorate his room? I need to ask him TONIGHT!" Turns out the other girl was planning on asking him the next night....she waited too long!! Hee.)
He answered by going into her math class with the show choir and serenading her with his answer. They had a great time...everyone in the group were already friends. They did fondue for dinner; which I think is a great idea! No awkward sitting there watching each other chew...there is something to be actively doing during the meal. Anyway. He had a blast.
Gracie and her BFF, Brynlie, making Valentine cookies.
And that is our February So Far. I'm still trying to climb out of the winter funk in which I've been mired.


Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to climb out of my winter funk, too!! I'm a little glad that I'm not the only one and I feel bad that you're in a funk, too. Hope something bright comes your way soon! :D

Lilian said...

Looks like a really cute couple! Love the idea of the fondue! Although at the moment high school dances are in the past... but not for good! I'll remember this idea for Jacob next year (ouch... did I just say that about Jacob? At school dances? *sigh*)

The cookies look yummy!!