Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Quotes

"Ne-yo reminds me of the color green." - Grace

"I was born for interpretive dancing." - Grace

"Clearly, my mother is Jewish." - Ryan

"Let me see your butt...yep, your pants are on fire." -Kara to Ryan

"This is a call from Lehi High School...Ryan...was absent...in xxxx period (s) today." -automated phone call received almost daily at 6pm at the Ditty house.

"I did not expect a banana to come out of my backpack." - Grace

"I hate Lady Gaga." - Grace

"I'm boy trapped. Again. All I hear all day is burping." - Grace

"Did you say cold cuts?" - Jillian to Grace

"Someone's butt just called dad." - Kara

"A cow walked into my classroom today." - Grace

1 comment:

Lilian said...

Dear Grace, I am "boy trapped" all day every day. I definitely hear ya on the burping!!!

"This is a call from Davis High School... your son Alan....." Yeah, DAILY!!!

I love when you post your quotes!