Sunday, July 10, 2011


We're off and running in another summer of "Hogwarts" at our house. Posters are up, points (stickers) have been awarded for good deeds, jobs, practicing, reading, etc. There are 5 contestants this year: Jillian, Ryan, Grace, Tanner, and Paige. Tyler does not live at home, and therefore is exempt. Tanner and Paige are 2 of Ry's friends whom I love and adore just as much as my own flesh and blood.
It's been a tight race so far between Tanner and Grace. They both want to win the house cup. Which is an actual mug that has the names and years of past winners painted on it. There is also a Goblet of Fire that can be won. Grace is convinced that Paige is going to win by the sheer amount of reading she accomplishes. Grace is trying to even the odds by practicing her piano lessons constantly. Jill seems to be half-heartedly competing. Tanner is keeping up a steady pace in ALL of the areas. Ryan, so far, is the only contestant who has LOST house points by being naughty. Beware: it can happen to you too. The headmistress is always watching.
Meanwhile, in years past, I have published "The Ditty Prophet", a newsletter that chronicles our summer activities. Years ago, I had the older kids write articles for it. Last year, there was no newsletter. This year, I asked Grace to take over, and she has done an amazing job! I gave her a quick desktop publishing lesson, and she took it from there. She's published 2 so far, even addressing them to the members of our family in true Potter-style: Jillian, mattress on the family room floor; Ryan, 2nd bedroom on the left; Paige and Tanner, houses in Highland (or as the last edition, 1st and 2nd chairs at the  Ditty kitchen table).
Competition ends at the end of August; right before the new school year begins. Stay tuned for house-point updates!

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Kath said...

Just don't confuse this competition with real life...Because in real life, the snitch is worth 150 points ;-)