Monday, December 19, 2011


Happy 22nd birthday to my firstborn.
Here's a shout out to cousin Lilian: 23 years ago, at Leslie's Christmas party, Andrew and I sat on Santa's lap (as is the tradition with newly married's) and when he asked what we wanted for Christmas, Lilian shouted out "a baby!"
About two and a half months later, Heavenly Father thought "Hey yeah. Let's make that Christmas wish come true! Let's give a baby to these people trying to go to college with no jobs and no health insurance! Great idea!"
Before the next Christmas rolled around, we had brought  our baby girl home from the hospital, stuffed in a Christmas stocking.
Thanks Lilian!
Thanks also go to Jillian, who allowed us to practice our non-existent parenting skills on her. She has been a source of constant joy. We love her more than we can express. Heavenly Father is a pretty smart guy :)


Lilian said...

YOU. ARE. WELCOME! Ha ha...for the wish anyway.... since clearly she is a gift from our Father in Heaven. AND she's a beautiful one at that!!! Happy Birthday Jillian!

(obvioiusly she HAD to have name to rhyme with mine ha ha!!)

Bea said...

Happy birthday Jillian!!!!