Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Building a Bunny

A month ago, Grace and I got stuck at the Mall waiting for the boys to finish their Scout Pow Wow. We wound up going into the "Build A Bear" store. She wanted one! Right now! I told her that she would have to wait for her birthday.
So here she is, her dream coming true. She kissed the heart, put it in, pushed the button that stuffed it, and then gave it a bath and a blow dry.
Here she is with the stupid Hannah Montana cake that she wanted. (BTW...this was from WalMart and tasted like monkey poo. Did that stop me from eating it? NO! I would take a bite and say "Yuck! Tastes like monkey poo. And then I would take another bite. I need help.)
She said that it was the best day of her life. Hee. And to her credit, she has taken great care of her bunny so far...she dresses her in jammies every night, and gets her dressed for the day every morning. I stuck to my guns and this is the ONLY present that she got. From me anyway. Jill bought her a bag full of stuff and sweet Ryan made her a mix CD of some of her favorite songs.
One more birthday to go until the year is over. I wonder what Jillian will get for her birthday?


frontporchfriend said...

You are quite the mom...eating monkey poo cake and going to Build-A-Bear and all that jazz. I guess it's what we do because we are 'pushovers'...or maybe just 'super-mom's'! By the way, did you know that is you put in your address wrong: that you get bible college on-line? Try it sometime, just for kicks!

jillian said...

Oh it's definitely 'super-moms'. :) And I know what I'm getting for my birthday!! Yay!! ;) Oh and that quote on your blog by Norman Vincent Peale?? That's totally the one I just wrote on all my little Christmas cards I'm sending out!!! How freakishly linked are we??

Bea said...

Question..... How do you know what monkey poo tastes like?
I have a build a bear her name is Lily. I take her camping when we go. Happy birthday Grace!!!!!!

Angie said...

My kids have always wanted to go to build-a-bear. I've always said no sense it's so pricey. I think I'd feel bad & still buy more presents and then it would be way too much to spend on a birthday :(

Lilian said...

Hannah Montana cakes are not stupid! In fact, my Alan had one for his last birthday! Ha ha!

What is Jillian getting??? I'm curious! I suppose I'll just have to wait until the 19th to find out! That is her birthday... right?

Oh wait! I hope we'll be seeing you on the 20th!!!!!!! YES???