Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace

Seven years ago on this day, at 9:28am, Grace Ann was born! Nine long months of worry, stress and prayer and Jillian's dream of having a sister finally happens. Isn't that the happiest face you've ever seen in a photograph???
Little Gracie was completely spoiled. Between the 5 of us, she basically was held the entire first year of her life. Jillian was 12, Ty was 10 and Ryan 8 when she was born.

Despite getting pretty much everything she ever wanted, she is NOT bratty-spoiled! Her sweet, loving, happy little spirit just sparkles.
This precious gift completes our family in a way that I cannot express. Those long nine months taught us patience. Taught us to have faith against all odds while submitting our will to a loving Heavenly Father. "Nevertheless, thy will be done."
We knew by experience that not all prayers are answered in the way we wish. We knew by experience that this life is full of grief and pain and loss.
And then we were given this.
Those brown eyes sparkle with intelligence and fun. Her sweet little self is so tender, loving and generous. She never leaves a room without saying "I love you!" Usually accompanied with a kiss and a hug. I sometimes laugh and wonder, "Is she going on a long trip? Nope, just into the other room!"
She is always thinking of other people's feelings and needs. She loves to make cards and letters for everyone. She loves birthdays and will plan and execute elaborate plans to surprise those she loves. Her teacher told me how amazed she is by Grace....this 1st grader notices when her teacher has had a haircut and comments to her how beautiful she looks.
She is a true diva/princess. When she was little she hated spitting out when we brushed her teeth. She would put her hands over her eyes during the whole process until she'd rinsed out and the sink was clear! She's obsessed with shoes, lip-gloss, purses and beautiful dresses. And, yes, we've certainly pandered to her every wish where these are concerned!
She is quick to tears, but just as quick to laugh. She has recently incorporated "stomping" a little when things don't go exactly her way, but usually winds up laughing before it's over. She's just as quick to forgive and has a wonderful capacity to "go with the flow" which is important in a houseful of teenagers!
Jillian has agonized about missing Grace's birthday. It's finals week next week, and she was just here for Thanksgiving. She finally decided that she just couldn't make it happen. I broke the news to Grace a couple of days ago. She was SO sad. But she just resignedly said "I understand."
Then Jill called yesterday and said that her profs had canceled class on Friday. She's going to come home! She's going to surprise Grace in her class today. I can't wait to see her little face!

Someday I'll tell her the whole story about our lives before she was here. As for now, she knows that she was "a miracle of joy."


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Grace! She's such a sweetie!

Lesley said...

Happy birthday to Grace!!! She's pretty amazing.

Lilian said...

Happy Birthday to Grace!!! She does have a beautiful spirit about her!