Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Stuff

Grace getting ready to follow the leprechaun's trail to the treasure...

She was so happy today because she got to wear GREEN hair bows and her green necklaces to school! She usually has to wear a uniform and we're getting pretty tired of red, yellow, blue and white:)
Drinking her non-alcoholic Jones Soda for dinner. Why are the Irish so "known" for their drinking problems? I was so bugged when all I could find in the stores this year were miniature green shot glasses, HUGE Beer Mugs and other paraphernalia with guiness or beer on it. All the real Irish people I know are dry. Ok. They're Mormons. But still! I would've bought something that said "Kiss me I'm Irish!" but it wasn't to be found amidst the alcoholism.
Anyway. After dinner I walked into the living room and beheld this sight. The camera was handy...and the boy in a carb coma from the potatoes, bread etc. That's the only explanation I have for the miracle that let me snap this photo. He usually complains.


frontporchfriend said...

all that green stuff is half price today, including "kiss me,I'm Irish" bandanas at Wal-mart. Maybe you should stock up for next year. I thought about my Irish friends the Ditty's today when I was listening to the Corrs. No blarney!

The American Homemaker said...

So fun!

Lilian said...

What kills me about the last picture. Notice the cell phone sitting on his knee? Why is it that they can't just leave that in the other room???? My Taylor will be playing the piano beautifully, and then the sound suddenly stops because a text is coming in!! How did we ever survive our past life?

Love all the green and I'm happy Grace was able to wear something fun instead of a plain uniform!!

Karalee said...

So true Lilian!!!
The part I hate is when you're having a CONVERSATION with the boy and when the phone buzzes you become instantly invisible. Happens every day here:) He has walked away from me with his thumbs flying on the phone, and I have to say "HELLO!? I was in the middle of a sentence!"