Monday, October 12, 2009

No Rest For The Wicked?

Clearly, I have not been attending the blog as I should.
Too busy.
I get up at 6. Put laundry in. Start whatever is going to be for dinner. Make the baby's lunch. Make her breakfast. Wake her up. Drink my protein shake on the way to work....get home and hit the ground running...changing laundry... doing my best to listen attentively to the teenagers tell about their day....watching my youngest homework...finish folding to the store...finish and clean up dinner...present family night....jump online to do PTA stuff and get in at least one batch of extraction work....listen to the baby read....crash, hopefully to sleep (thought there is no guarantee there!?), and then it all begins again. I don't think my life is out of balance...except that I just noticed there was no EXERCISE in the above list....just every minute is packed. Add the dumb dog, music calling, time on the cell phone yada yada yada. You get the idea. Not that it's bad. Just BUSY.


Lesley said...

You are a very busy lady. I admire you and all of the good things you do. You need to plan a "Kara Day". I do that every once in a while (only it's a "Lesley Day"). When life starts to get very busy I look ahead and pick a day for me. Often times I go to a matinee (by myself), or I do a little shopping that I like (boutiques, craft stores...), get my favorite take-out, stuff like that....just yesterday I was thinking that it's time to schedule a "Lesley Day", life has been crazy busy for months, so hopefully next week I'll get to do it. It is totally re-freshing and half of my enjoyment is looking forward to it.

Karalee said...

Hey that's a good idea Lesley!
And to today's Primary meeting, then right to the boys first choir concert of the year....but I'd been looking forward to the concert ;)
That will probably be my next blog post...instead of a whiny one like this!

Front Porch Friend. said...

I hear you on the 'busy front'. ANNIE will be over in 3 weeks and then I'm getting my life back...sort of. I have vowed that this is my last year for play-producing. NExt year I'm going to ENJOY my fall. Maybe with you. At a 'Joy and Karalee' girls day/weekend/night out! Let's start planning it NOW!