Thursday, March 11, 2010

Loyal Subjects

We were all in the kitchen last night chatting after the boys' choir concert. I sent Grace upstairs to get her jammies on.
A few minutes later she came halfway down the stairs, (jammied), stopped, flung her arms out and sang "Hello my loyal subjects!"

Of course the princess had the complete attention of her subjects for the next few minutes.


Lilian said...

I have tried three times to comment on this and it won't let me! UGH! Let's try again...

This was Hilarious! Grace is not a stupid kid. I'm sure she is very adored like a princess in your home!!!

Lesley said...

Grace has the same position that Caitlin has had in our home... although the only "subjects" left here are her parents. I've always said Caitlin is the Princess... just as long as she remembers who the Queen is :-)