Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This dog is driving me nuts.
She is still CHEWING her way through our house leaving a continuous wake of destruction behind her. She's obsessed with baskets, toilet paper, shoes, feminine hygiene products (please don't ask) and worst of all....EYE GLASSES. On Sunday she got Ryan's new glasses and completely chewed them to bits. That makes THREE pair, oh probably about $500 worth of glasses, that she's eaten in the past 3 months. She also has eaten 2 of my cheap sunglasses.
Now. You would think that we, as the human grown-ups, would attempt to minimize the damage by keeping our valuables out of her reach.
You would think.
But she is so smart, and so naughty, that she's thwarted most attempts at keeping things out of her reach. I've found her standing on the kitchen table. I found her on top of the kitchen counter yesterday. Let's just say that I'm convinced that she possibly has super-powers.....a little red cape a la "Underdog!" that must be invisible to our eyes, but allows her to fly, levitate, and reach all things naughty.
Ty and I dropped her off at the vet this morning. As mad as I am at her right now, it broke my heart to leave her there....she cowered close to me with her little face buried in my arm. She's getting some shots and a little surgery to spare her the pain and heartbreak of motherhood. And is it weird that I feel guilty taking that opportunity away from her? Oh the complications of pet-ownership!

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Jillian said...

Poor puppy. I hope she's feeling ok!
And, she IS so naughty. I think this confirms Ry's teleporting theory...;)