Friday, June 11, 2010

Latest Quotes...

Ryan: "The back of my leg is we have any bananas?""

Tyler: "My hair is SO crispy!"

Ryan: "Rachel Ray says skin-colored tights are out this season."

Kara: " I'm so hot right now I want to kill someone."

Jill to Grace: "I wish I had your chocolate-brown eyes!'
Grace: "You have CHOCOLATE MORONI'S!?!?!?"

Jill: "You can't do that...(whatever THAT was)
Grace: " In Graceland I can." (In a so-there kind of voice :)


Jillian said...

Hahaha, our family is so funny. :) I love us.

New Original Front Porch Friend said...

Karalee, did you mean hot as in 'sweaty' or hot as in 'hott'...cause seriously, you are probably a bit of both ;)

Ryan said...

i DO love rachael ray...and the little word verification thing said pingla...that's a funny word.