Sunday, November 14, 2010


I loathe sewing. Detest it. My mom was a BIG sewer...we always had matching polyester jumpsuits, t-shirts, get the idea. She even made American Girl doll dresses for a huge family of dolls that she gifted to Jillian and her cousins. And we made the girls matching Christmas and Easter dresses every year. My job was cutting stuff out and ironing while she sewed. We made a great team! She made me learn how to sew, but I only choose to sew things that involve nothing but straight seams.
Anyway. I digress. Something always goes wrong when I attempt to sew; tension, bobbin, needle breaking...I have a basic, bottom of the line machine that's about 15 years old.
The problem with this is that I always WANT stuff that can be sewn. I can never find curtains that I like in the stores. So I sew them.
This is the project that I undertook a couple of weeks ago. New bedroom curtains. I adore toile...I would wrap my entire house in it if I could. I'm well on my way to that actually.
Notice the little brown puffball trim...that was seriously hard to attach! I also made a big toile pillow for the bed :)


Anonymous said...

Aaahhh!!! Soo soo cute!!! Congrats!!! Makes me think I should go finish fixing my curtains... ;)

Lilian said...

Very nice!!

I don't sew. I also don't have curtains. Cory bought me a sewing maching for Christmas the year I was pregnant with Russell. I wasn't too thrilled to get a sewing machine. I graciously asked him what posessed him to buy it for me. "So you can make clothes for the baby." HUH?? Whatever! Didn't happen.

Bea said...

I like the curtains. Maybe Lilian doesn't sew because I did. :o)

The American Homemaker said...

great job! They look so pretty :)