Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Magic Of

A few minutes ago, Grace came to me and said, "Mom you should blog about my new bed." I handed her the camera and she took all of these pictures.

Jillian and Grace shared a room for about 3 years...when Grace was 4 she moved out of our room (let's be honest...bed...I know. Sorry) and was super excited to have a bunk-bed with Jill. She's been in the room alone now for, oh, about 2 1/2 years. We really don't need the bunk-bed. It was taking up tons of space in an already small room. Last weekend, I decided to post it on before I went to bed on Friday night. I had it sold, taken apart, and carted away by 8:30A.M. the next morning. Seriously.
With a wad of cash in my hand, off to Shopko we raced to purchase this fantastic captain's bed...complete with headboard and extra drawer space!
Huge thanks to My Ty who was home for the weekend. He took apart the bunk-bed, went shopping with me, helped cart the new bed inside and spent a couple of hours putting it together. Thanks to Andrew too, who rolls along good-naturedly with my wild-hairs and helped with the assembly as well.
Now if I could only manage to train her to make her bed and keep her room clean....


Lilian said...

It's so funny to me when the kids come to us and say..."Hey, you need to blog about this...."

Love the new bed! YAY for Grace!

Bea said...

I am glad for Blogs. Keeps me posted on the seeming insignificant things in our lives but are so important to some.
Eventually she will make her bed. But why? she is only going to get into it again at night, :o)

Lesley said...

I have a bed I'm planning to put on if it's that fast and easy, I'd better get going on that project.