Thursday, March 3, 2011

Latest Quotes From Our Post-it Wall

Grace: " Like Puffle Rescue!" Jillian: "Yeah! I could play that for HOURS!"

Ryan: "I like being Amish with the camels."

Grace: "I just touched the gums of my eye!"

Grace: "Can you get me some ice water? With ice in it?"

Grace: "I just figured out that ice makes things cold."

Andrew: "OUCH. I just waxed my arm with tape."

Jillian: " There was an incident. With the nacho cheese machine, ok?"

Tyler: "Did you say GOLDFISH BREATH!?"

Ryan: "Your tooth was saying 'let me out!'" Grace: "Now it's suffocating in a bag..."

Mom: "Did Snickers lick my cheese?"

Ryan: "She just combed my hair with a DOG BRUSH."

Grace: "I know which one of my teeth is 'Q'."

Ryan: "IT BURNS!"

Grace: "Does Snickers have ear wax?"

Jillian: "I'm feeling kind of funny-bunny-ish right now."


Bea said...

Is it ok if my comment is WHAT?

Jillian said...

Wow. We're an odd bunch. ;)

Lilian said...