Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wheeled Footwear

Sigh. These are the Heelys that Grace got for Christmas. Wait. Let me back up a minute.
Last year, my sister-in-law gifted us (along with several bags of marvelous outgrown clothes) a pair of Heelys that my niece had outgrown. After 2 days of tears and falls, Grace mastered the art of Heely-ing. She loved it! Then she outgrew them. Believe me, she stuffed her feet in them painfully until the absolute last possible moment.
SO that was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. She received them. THEY HAVE BEEN ON HER FEET EVERY POSSIBLE WAKING MINUTE SINCE.
You think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. The second she wakes up in the morning they go on. She wears them until the second carpool drives up to the house, then grudgingly puts on her school shoes. The very second she walks in the door after school; Heelys go back on. She rolls from the kitchen to the entry way to the front door. Over and over and over. All night long. She cannot even sit for dinner...every time we turn around she's back up on her wheels rolling back and forth to and from the table. Family game time on Sundays? Constantly on her feet rolling back and forth from the table when it's not her turn. Even when it IS her turn.
In her jammies? Feet-jammies? No problem. She stuffs her feeted-jammy-feet into the heelys. And continues to roll around the house. They only leave her feet when she climbs in bed at night.
She begs to go to WalMart or Smith's...they are a wheely-heely dream. She loves to hang on to the side of the cart and sling shot herself down the aisles.
Good times.
But it's slowly driving the rest of us nuts. I hear the sound of wheels bumping along in my sleep. I find myself begging "sit down!" to anyone in my vicinity...it's a habit now.
What is going to happen when she grows out of this pair......I'll bet I could get the rest of the family to chip in and bribe her to NOT get another set of wheels.


RyanD said...

i like this post. *thumbs up*

Bea said...

As long as she overcomes the habit before a white wedding gown we are alright :o)
Can you imagine her wheeling all over the reception center :o)
If she begs for more does that make her a
"wheeler dealer" ?

I have lived with my husband a long time :o)