Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Quotes

"Teaching Snickers to READ is HARD. " - Grace
"I think that Snickers was barking at the Albino Cat." -Grace
"I don't care about Jill...I just want Snickers to come!" - Grace
"Snick has a brown piece of fur on her head...maybe she snuck out and got a highlight!" - Grace
" I'm cheap." - Jillian
"Can I put an exercise sticker on the chart for throwing up?" - Grace
"I hope that my car doesn't smell like smoke." - Ryan
"My armpit is like a waterfall." - Grace
"You smell like rootbeer." - Kara to Grace
" Spit on the fridge again! That was funny!" - Grace to Ryan
"Ewww...that looks like baby barf." - Jillian
"Hold on. I'm changing my mood." - Grace
 "Ryan got a WHAT on the ACT???" - Kara (We're pretty happy with it. We'll just say that:)

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