Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

 Snickers and Grace LOVE to go to the park...we throw Snick's rope, and a shoe for Grace, and they have races to see who can bring it back the fastest. I'm not kidding.

 Snickers LOVES to go in the car. It's super sad any more if we have to go somewhere that she can't go...she sits at the door and whines. Apparently, this whole year, while the rest of us are at work/school, Jillian has been taking her everywhere. She thinks she's a person. And did you know that the bank offers not only suckers for good little children, but DOG TREATS for your pooch? It's true.
 Happy, tired, dog.
Happy, tired, Gracie.


Bea said...

I can spend my summer days quite lazily if not as vigorously as Grace :o)

Jillian said...

Good pictures!!