Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're still here. Just immersed in the last bit of summer.
*Andrew and I have spent every weekend at my work remodeling, painting, and getting the school ready for the new year. He's been promoted to the unofficial-unpaid-maintenance man at Oxford Academy. Lucky him! And lucky me that he's so willing to help.
*The annual Lake Powell trip was canceled due to a health scare that my niece had. So Andrew took Grace and Ryan to St. George anyway to visit Tyler, and Zions National Park.
*School supply and clothes shopping have been accomplished.
*A number of free movies have been seen.
*I've been to a number of eye appointments in preparation for possible Lasik surgery...looks like a "go" so far. I got an updated pair of glasses 2 weeks ago, that today have already been rendered ineffective by my ever-worsening eyesight. It's a daily progression into increasing blurriness. Very frustrating. Five weeks in, and possibly seven weeks to go.
*Hm. I guess that's it. Just general busy-ness. Seven more days until Ry is officially a Senior, and Grace a 4th grader!

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Bea said...

the joys of Motherhod :o)