Sunday, October 23, 2011

Idaho Road Trip

We were invited to a surprise 50th wedding anniversary party for my mom's only sister. Burley, Idaho here we come!
The girls went a little stir-crazy on the 3 hour ride...

It was so great to see my mom's family. They are amazing people; so loving, and unconditional. They hug unabashedly, kiss on the lips, and tell you they love you without reservation.
This is my oldest brother, sister, and me with my mom's brother. This is exactly what Tyler is going to look like when he's 70. Seriously.
Andrew, Grace, and Jillian being good sports...while I abandoned them to socialize.
Aunt Susie.This is as close as I can come to being near my mom on this earth...
50 years is quite an accomplishment. She said something about it not always being easy...but worth it.

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Bea said...

I am glad you got to reunite with your family. :o) Especially when it brings you close to you Mom