Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Quotes

"If you jumped off the moon, would you fall?" - Grace
"The Mexicans at Target LOVE AirWicks." - Jillian
"I LOVE cleaning out the garage...look! Now I can reach the fridge!" - Grace
"It looks like a smurf bit you." - Jillian to Grace
"Did that say Guatamala Monkeys?" - Grace
"It's experimental recipe Sunday." - Ryan
"I like the letter V." - Grace
"I think that I just swallowed some sourness..." -Grace
"I saw a pregnant midget today." -Jillian
" I think that we should re-create those memories." - Grace
"A've desahded to only speak in a southe'n accent fuh the rest of tuhday."- Kara
"I'm wishing we could wear the gay-lumberjack shirt again now." - Ryan
"You've NEVER played Doodlejump!?!?" - Jillian
"That van has a unibrow." - Grace
Kara: "I haven't gotten much accomplished today." Grace: "Let's keep it that way."
" I haven't seen your ears for at least  3 years." - Andrew to Ryan
"All of the floor is hot lava." - Grace
" Dr. Oz's daughter said to eat grapes to help you sleep." - Grace
"I like the smell of milk and butter." - Grace
"Grace is a fruit whisperer." - Ryan
"My pouch has a craw." - anonymous
"It was cheese...or socks...something like that." - Jillian
"I can put that little gum flap inside my teeth..." - Grace
"I'm living in HD!" - Kara


Bea said...

I love your quotes :o) some of them bring memories back of our teeagers. I am glad you are writing them down. In years to come you should have a family night and ask,
"who said this...."
especially if you remember the circumstances of the statement :o)

Lilian said...

I LOVE Doodlejump!