Friday, November 18, 2011


Ryan turned 18 years old yesterday. He's deep in the school musical this week, so we barely saw him. We did make time to have his traditional cream cheese brownie from Kneaders, and go to his favorite restaurant; the Deli at Thanksgiving Point. You'll notice that clearly, his older brother adores him :)
I love everything about this boy.
Check back in a few days...I'll be posting from England and Scotland!


Bea said...

I tried to call this morning to wish you a safe and fun trip but.......... so I will check back for your UK blogs. Have a LOT of fun :o)

Lilian said...


Kneaders. So, when I worked at M&S the salesmen always went there when they had jobs in So. SLC. Always bragged about getting to go there. Now there are TWO Kneaders withing reasonable distance from me. On in NSL and the other in Layton. Have I gone? Not yet. But those brownies are making me want to go soon.... and when I do... I will blog about it!! Ha ha!