Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Quotes

"It's like wearing a picnic table." - Grace
"Are there any cars that can fly?" - Grace
"I wonder if you can chew with your mouth closed while running really hard..." - Grace
"Sneeze-salt?" - Grace
" feet-cheese." - Grace
"You'd look like a street-walker." -Kara
"Ok then...Scrooge McBeverage!" - Kara to Jillian
"Ryan says that Lorenzo the sheep works for the mafia." - Jillian
"It's like tasting sweaty feet!" - Grace
"That tastes like Good Earth smells." - Ryan
"I just used a tampon to unclog the sink. " - Ryan
"The feet is like your head."-Ryan
"I thought I shouldn't come to church looking like a hooker." -Jillian
"Tanner has Peter Pettigrew living in his house!"- Ryan
"Like Patie and Kage...I mean...Katie and Paige!"- Tanner
"I bought Jillian a Robin Hood hat!" - Andrew
"I NEED to finish this chapter!" - Grace (I've waited 10 long years to hear her say that!)
"We were looking up unicorn socks." - Grace
"My thoughts sound British." - Ryan (in a sleep- text)
"The plot thickens...get me some cornstarch." - Ryan (in a sleep-text)


Jillian said...

Ryan's been sleep texting!? Why didn't I hear about this?

Bea said...

is it ok to say you sound like a crazy family :o)

In Ireland we would have replied "it takes one to know one" :o)

Those quotes are very interesting, I would like to know the history behind some of them :o)