Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Randomness and an Eagle

 Snick in her Christmas jammies.
 Christmas morning...
 Andrew's last trip to England. He visited Leeds where his mom was born and raised.
Look closely. That's right. The 2nd EAGLE HAS LANDED.
"I look like the boy from 'UP'. - Ryan on his way to the Eagle Board of Review
"That was such a conflict of emotion! First I was laughing about flying yogurt and then I was pissed about baldness." -Ryan
"All right. That will be $100." - Jillian
"Ok, here's my tusk." - Grace
"Ryan's really good at naming penguins." - Jillian
"Diet Coke just texted me 'Happy Birthday'!! - Jillian
"I forgot to buy air!"- Ryan
"Coke makes your hair staticky." - Grace
"I would eat apples more often if they were killed like this."- Tanner
"I just don't get smart vibes from this sheep. - Ryan


Bea said...

Way to go Ryan!!!!
and way to go Kara!!!!!!

Lilian said...

Totally laughing about Ryans comment about the boy from UP! Way to go Ryan!

Paige Stratford - Peace said...

I really think you should post a picture of the Up boy :D