Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Birthday RoaD TRiP

Ty's 20th birthday fell on a Monday this we made the trek to Dixie to visit him for the weekend! We spent a fun day hiking at Zion's National Park, went to dinner, and embarrassed him by singing in the restaurant. He was sweet enough to spend time at our hotel swimming with Grace for a while as well.

...and 2 pictures with the people responsible for his earthly existence. Happy birthday to my Ty. We love you! Thanks for the excuse to have a mini-vacation down south!


marchmatron said...

cute kids!!

Bea said...

Happy Birthday Ty. :o)
We love Zion, and are heading there this next weekend :o)
Unfortunately our hiking days are pretty much bygone days.....but we still love being there and doing what we can......
Happy family :o)

Lilian said...

I guess you gotta read other people's blogs to find out about your parents plans for trips?

What a great get away! Looks like you all had a good time.