Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Change in Plans

I've been surfing blogs today. One person posted a question: 20 years ago, what did you think you'd be doing now? Hmmm. Got me thinking.
You know, when I graduated High School, the most important thing to me was what I'd be WEARING to whatever job I had. This was seriously a deal breaker to me. I actually was hired by Lagoon when I was 15, but got put on a food cart on the main fairway, and once I heard that I was required to wear black polyester pants and a purple polyester shirt...ummm yeah. I'm ashamed to say that I declined to work there that summer and stayed home and stripped my mom's kitchen cupboards and chairs instead.
I was lucky enough to score a clerk job at IBM my senior year of High School. This rocked. I wore skirts and fantastic high heels. I loved it. This was what I thought I was destined for...an office job where I could wear beautiful clothes.
Am I shallow? Probably. I wanted to be a nurse too. I was fine with wearing scrubs...everyone in the medical field wears them, and you can individualize with prints. They aren't glamorous, but are very comfy. I figured that I could still have cute clothes to wear off the job. But the mere idea of trying to pass chemistry and math classes made me cry. So I never tried.
So. I'm sitting here as a full-time mom wearing a black cotton t-shirt and black cotton shorts that have a picture of Disney's Thumper on the leg. From the WalMart. Wash and wear. Not exactly what I pictured for myself 20 years ago: )
And, funnily enough, I'm sitting here with the same "what do I want to be when I grow up" issues that I was contemplating 2o years ago. Needing to get a job, wondering what the outfit requirements will be...
So are you where you thought you'd be? Is your life all you dreamed it would be? Are you wearing the outfits you thought you'd wear? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Lilian said...

WOW! Twenty years ago I was about to find out I was preg. with my number 2 baby! I suppose any glamorous hopes and dreams I might have had at that time were to just be able to handle two kids! Ha ha! We were just starting out as a family and about to make our first home purchase. So that's pretty big. I certainly didn't imagine at the time that I'd spend the next 20 years raising FIVE boys (I thought there might be a girl in there somehwere). I also planned to be a mom at home forever. I didn't imagine myself with a full time job in a flooring store where I have to wear decent clothes. I'd prefer to be sitting home scrapbookin in comfy clothes! HA HA!