Monday, November 10, 2008

41 years

It was my 41st Birthday yesterday. Here is a pic of my dad holding me. He always has this little twinkle in his eye in pictures that I love...the story goes that he actually only wanted 2 children. My mom talked him into more. Once she got him on board to have me, (4th child) they tried for a long time and nothing happened. Finally after a couple of moves, my mother joining the church and being sealed in the temple I came along. She always said that I was waiting until they were sealed before I would agree to come to earth ;)

It was a good birthday though. Jill was home, I planned ahead and got Papa Murphy's on Saturday so I wouldn't have to cook, and I got a nap. Excellent.
It was also our Sunday for the Primary Program. I'm the chorister. I hated this calling when I first started. I was terrified to the point of being physically sick every Sunday. It's the hardest calling I've ever had. It's like having to plan a full blown Sharing Time 52 weeks a year...and always struggling to come up with new, fun , exciting ways to keep their interest. But once I decided it didn't matter what I looked like, or how my voice sounded, I finally loosened up and I love it now. The kids are amazing, and it is so much fun to share my love of the gospel and music with them. I actually look forward to Sundays and being in Primary!!
I came home with a stack of handmade cards from some of the little 5 yr old Olivia who made a card with a picture of us on it and music notes floating around us! And so many other sweet messages from these kids....I love them so much!


Margie said...

Happy Birthday!! It sound like it was a nice one, and I am impressed with your great attitude about your calling. I have always thought that would be a hard one. Especially when you wrote about 52 sharing times a year. I'm sure you do a great job!!

Bea said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I used to be a Primary Chorister and it is the GREATEST. We always had the most fun. Learning the Gospel can be. My own kids used to get upset with me when they wanted to feel sorry for themselves and I would sing
"Should you chance to meet a frowm....." they would tell me
"DON'T SING" or do you think it had anything to do with the fact that I couldn't sing? NAH!!!!!!!
Glad you had your girl home for the day. Pizza!!!!! on your b'day!!! you are a liberated women!!!!! no cooking, way to plan :o)

Lesley said...

Happy, happy birthday Kara dear happy days will come to you all year :-) From one former primary chorister (3 times) to another. I'll bet you're the best primary chorister. They are so lucky to have you. Hope your day was wonderful!!!

angie said...

Happy Birthday!!! I know you're a great chorister!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Oh, I'm late BUT I hope you ahd a nice day. Sounds like you did. I was in Primary for years but never as a chorister. Yes, being the chorister I think is difficult. You comparing it to 52 sharing times a year really puts it in perspective. You deserve a whole ton of blessings for magnifying this calling ;-)

Lilian said...

Happy Birthday Kara!!! I wish you many many more!!!!

jillian said...

That's cute what Grandma said.... I didn't know that before. :) I love you.

frontporchfriend said...

I can't believe I talked with you on the phone yesterday and didn't say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today I will wear a big "L" on my forehead in punishment for not remembering! Hope it was a great day for a great lady!

The Red Hen said...

Happy (belated) 41st Birthday. Sorry this is late. I have been "out of pocket" for a while and haven't been checking any blogs. However, today I'm back and yours was one of the first ones I checked.

Thanks for being such a great friend to me and please know that I really do think the world of you. You are one of those people that I really look up to and that always comes to my mind when you hear someone talk about being a great mom. Seriously your name is the first that pops into my head. I love you! I hope you had a great day.

Love - Jana