Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love My Brothers

See those 2 handsome boys on the end of the couch? Those guys are my older brothers. My 3rd brother, the baby, isn't in this picture. Money must have been tight, because there aren't a whole lot of pictures of us.
Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about our family. I am so grateful for my brothers. My oldest brother went with me when I bought my first car at the age of 18 (he was 26.) We found the perfect car, a blue Nissan Pulsar, and he wrote a check out for it so I could drive it away right then! I of course obtained financing and payed him back, but really. His cool factor has never wavered from that moment on.
Bro #2 is three years older than me. He is my gentle, sensitive, wonderful guy who also happens to keep me technologically up to date. He is wise beyond his years, and always sees sides of a situation that I don't. His advice is always right on target.
Bro #3 is 16 months younger than me. I have a special spot in my heart for him. He and I kind of raised ourselves together. He would give me the shirt off his back even if it left him naked and starving. Even though he's younger than me, for some reason he's always felt like he should be my champion; my protector.
It's nice to have these guys in my life. It's nice to know that with just a phone call, any one of them would be at my door in about 6 minutes. They've bailed me out of more than one kind of jam or another. They would do anything for me. I know this. I try not to impose upon them a lot, but it's nice to know they're around. I love you guys!


Bea said...

That is a nice tribute to your brothers. Brothers are special people. I have 4 of the species, and wonderful memories of each one. I remember tender stories of them and often talk of them and pass along my memories to my kids. Maybe I could blog about them sometime. Thanks for the hint. :o)

Dan said...

Too nice of you to blog about us gorillas. Of course we'd do anything for you, and you recognize it 'cause you have the same 'giving' gene. It's a good thing. I'm glad you know you're loved.

frontporchfriend said...

Phillip bought me a silver Pulsar the day he graduated from college. Who knew we drove the same vehicles for awhile! After reading this, I am really missing my brother. HOld tight to the ones you've got!

angie said...

That's so sweet!!!