Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a lucky girl

I've been away from blogland for quite a while. My laptop has been desperately ill. The good news is that I've been blessed with an amazing brother who takes care of all of my technological needs, and once again has come through with a miracle and saved the day. And my hardware. Or software. Or whatever. Thanks, Dan. You're my hero.
The good news is that we'd JUST BARELY backed up my hard drive. It was not the tragedy it COULD have been. Note: if you haven't backed up your stuff lately; DO IT. Now. Go. You'll be sorry if you don't!


frontporchfriend said...

I'm so happy you are back. I knew something must be wrong to keep you from keeping me informed as to what is going on in your life!

angie said...

:) Gotta love computer geeks!

Bea said...

I missed you also. :o)