Monday, December 28, 2009

And a partridge on a new Wii....

I realize that we're probably the last family on the planet to acquire a Wii...but we finally got one this year!
Ty and Jill got new iPods to replace the ones that have been broken for months. Ry already has a perfect iPod, so he got a camera.
Gracie got the pink DS she's been pining for....
Here she is doing Yoga on the Wii Fit. When Grace steps on the Wii balance board it chirps "great!" Imagine my chagrin when every time I get on it and it sighs and grunts "oh!" Are you serious? Why did I even bother putting a password on my Mii so no one can see my weight and BMI...the dumb board gives me away every time I get on it by complaining loudly!

I highly recommend the Wii though. It's mega-fun. I, surprisingly, am a Yoga Master. Incredible balance apparently. I cannot, however, play any of the sports to save my life. Hit a tennis ball or a baseball? Umm no.
We have laughed and laughed together and at each other. It's fantastic.


Lilian said...

I would love to get a Wii Fit. But the thought of the sound it would make as I got on.... Yeah. NO THANKS! Of course, there is always a MUTE button on the t.v. right.

So glad you joined the rest of the universe and got a Wii. We love ours and have a TON of fun together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wii Golf and Bowling. And this Christmas we got a Toy Story Mania game. It's so much fun!

Ryan said...

Lovely picture of me, really. (rolling my eyes)