Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ryan and Grace. Eight years separate them, but he has consistently done his best to include her in everything he does. He plays games with her, talks to her, tucks her into bed, drills her on Chinese tones and words, loves and accepts her sensitive nature, and has always been her champion. (Right now they're in the kitchen cutting up a pineapple and translating things into Chinese.) Ryan was baptized on December 1, 2001. Just 4 days before Grace was born.
Isn't he fine? My boy. He was ordained to the office of a Priest 2 weeks ago...just in time to baptize his baby sister. I know that I have her birthday/baptism to discuss. And I will, at length, in a few days....
But first (and yes, tears are rolling down my cheeks right now...) I have to inadequately decribe my joy at this picture. Dressed in white, my babies doing their best to be obedient; to follow the plan our Father in Heaven has outlined for us; to stay on the straight and narrow path that will lead them back to Him. Words cannot describe my gratitude for my son. He is a good boy. No. He is a good man.
President Hinckley said: "The priesthood is here. It has been conferred upon us. We act in that authority. We speak as sons of God in the name of Jesus Christ and as holders of this divinely given endowment.... There is no power on the earth like it. Its authority extends beyond life, through the veil of death, to the eternities ahead. It is everlasting in its consequences."

What joy for him to do this for his beloved baby sister... by being worthy to use his Priesthood power to baptize her. I am confident that they knew each other before this life. I imagine him promising her to be patient until she could come. Promising to stay worthy; promising to be here for her when she needed him. They have a bond that will never be broken...and has been strengthened by the things they share. Like the song says, "God gave us help us become what He wants us to be...this is how He shares His love...for the family is of God!"


Lilian said...

Such tender moments. This is precious.

Front Porch Friend. said...

OH, my little Ryan. Who would have thought after all those trips to Hart's for treats he would grow up to be so strong and so handsome...and such a good brother to Grace! You had me crying with this one! But don't forget to pat yourself on the back....your kids have been 'raised by goodly parents'. 'Nuf said.

The American Homemaker said...

what a great picture and it totally brought tears to my eyes too. I love you guys!