Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Messing with the Military

Tyler is days away from the big 18th birthday. So of course the phone calls from various branches of the Military have begun peppering our home. Last night was the best one so far:
(big burly Marine): Is this Tyler?
Ty: Yes.
Marine: You're about to graduate High School dude! Do you have any plans?
Ty: Yes, I'm going to college.
Marine: Why? Have you considered the Marines? What is your favorite class in school?
Ty: (without missing a beat) Oh, choir and musical theatre.
Ty: Are you there?
Marine: ummm....ummmm....ahhh....if you know anyone that may be interested in being a Marine let me know ok?
Ty: Sure!


Jillian said...

Hahahaha, Marissa and I are laughing really hard. :)

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Front Porch Friend. said...

That is the best thing I have read all day!

Lesley said...

That was a good one :-)