Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We were gathered in my room for family prayer Sunday night. Ryan had been playing with Grace for a couple of hours, and after prayer they were headed back downstairs to finish whatever it was they were doing...(playing Princess Monopoly I think)? On her way out of the room she said to Ry, "You're the best brother in the WHOLE world!"
Then, noticing Ty sitting on the floor, she pops her curly little head around the door frame, points a finger at him, winks, and says "You're no slouch either!"

!?!?!? Where in the world did she hear that expression! But she's so sweet....she is always careful to not hurt feelings or leave anyone out :)


Lesley said...

Grace is a quick thinker. So cute!!

Lilian said...

That is hilarious! She is quick!

Jillian said...

So funny!!

The American Homemaker said...

hahaha That's awesome!